ClearKut is a water soluble clear coolant and cutting fluid allowing the machine operator to see the part being cut during machining operations. NO MORE milky colored fluids, you can inspect the cutting process while you are cutting. Will eliminate odors and the need for additives, and will lower coolant consumption cost 15 to 25%.

Why Use ClearKut

  • Greatly Decreases sump stench
  • Lowest possible coolant consumption
  • At least double your sump life
  • Low foam and multi-metal capability simplifies coolant inventory
  • Minimizes machine maintenance and downtime
  • Low total cost
  • Non – staining, great for all aluminum alloys
  • Non – hazardous formula, non – toxic and no flash point
  • No additional biocide is required
  • No phenols, nitrites, chlorinated paraffins, heavy metals or DCHA
  • No irritation on contact with hands
  • Easy to prepare
  • Easy clean-up and disposal.
  • Ships non-hazard class 55

Machining performance characteristics for coolants and lubricants are the key factors for proper selection….but the issues of safety and disposal have become equally important. ClearKut has been deemed by OSHA to be safe for disposal in the drain.

Ninety-seven percent of the energy consumed in metal-cutting is converted into heat. This heat can damage both the cutting tool and the work piece if the right kind of cooling doesn’t take place at the cutting edge. An overheated tool loses its hardness, which shortens its tool life and an overheated work-piece can lose its dimensional integrity. The solution is to continuously cool the tool and work-piece at the cutting edge.

So what’s the best way to do it?

That depends on a variety of factors including:

  • the material being machined;
  • the type of metal-cutting operation;
  • the machining speed;
  • the accurate delivery of the coolant to the cutting zone;
  • the type of cutting tool being used.

These factors are all pertinent to making an informed cutting fluid selection. However, to provide a good starting point, manufacturers of cutting fluids have basically set up groupings that divide work-piece materials into 3 distict categories:

  1. Carbon, alloy and tool steels;
  2. Stainless steels, titanium and high temperature alloys;
  3. Grey and ductile cast irons, aluminum, and non ferrous materials.

Dramatically Extend Equipment Life

Designed to double, even triple the life of asphalt contact wear parts on slat conveyors, MTV’s and pavers.
“Profits in Pockets….Not Parts!”

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